Upload a doc. at 12 point Times New Roman double spaced, first lines indented automatically, 7,500 - 17,000 words. Include a bio if you like, and anything else you'd like to tell me about your narrative.
Must have something about it that falls outside the normal boundaries of the stated genre. Please describe in your cover letter the genre or genre hybrid and what about it is not within the guidelines.

You may include your biography if you like. One will be included with publication if yours is chosen.

7,500 to 17,500 words in Times New Roman 12 point in a doc. with your real name, and pen name if applicable.


Include Flash Fiction piece of up to 1000 words not including the title, in a document. Do not include a bio or anything about yourself. If your work is chosen, you will be asked to provide a bio, photo, and commentary about your piece.

Flash is a newly popular style of fiction and conflicting new rules are being created. Commonly, now, authors tell rather than show, which reverses the usual rules for longer fiction. Editors are admant about having a beginning, middle, and ending. Most flash is straightforward on the page, linear, action packed, takes place in one momentt.

Any contest is a matter of subjective taste, and this one focuses on quality of the story, as well as something about it that is a different from the norm, whether in topic, tone, structure, presentation on the page, concept. This context explores possibilities of innovation in a new literary style of writing that, paradoxically, tends to be somewhat conventional.

Recommeded: 12 or 14 point Times New Roman double spaced. Please no cover letter unless there is something you need to mention there.

If the piece has been on Fictionaut, or your own website, that is OK for this contest. You are however, asked to remove it from your website if you win and include a link instead, though it's OK to keep it up on Fictionaut, as long as you include a note that it has won. Winner must refrain for 3 months in posting the winning story in full anywhere, but is highly encouraged to post the link to your winning story far and wide.

June 1 - Sept. 1 2013

Thank you for submitting!

Please include a doc (not docx) with your submission as you would like to see it on the page, no page numbers, your name underneath the title. For the current chapbook, you can send up to 3 pieces. Include your 3rd person bio as the last page of it.

I'm looking for fiction with very careful attention to the sound of the sentences, the rhythms as they relate to each other, the differences in their lengths and structures, the emphasis on the syllables that provides most impact. I want each sentence to thrill me. The work I'm looking for feels great to experience. It's not about the twist ending.

For essay format, I'm looking for carefully edited, well thought out assertions that are clearly proven with documented detail.

No rhyming poetry please.